SHOWS: 2xBOJ, 2x CAC, Anw. Dt. Ch. VDH, Anw. Dt. Jug. Ch. VDH, 2xCAJC, exc 2ndvery promising 1st, very promising 2nd

WORK: club special water hunting trial III.prizebacis tests

HEALTH: HD A, ED 0/0, PL 0/0, OCD negativeyes + GONIO CLEAR (2013), scissor bite, full teeth




ICh, CIE, MultiCh, DtCh VDH Griffin Sunrise Bonny Dux

Shows: Club winner, Dual purpose 2009 KCHLS, Show dog of year 2009 KCHLS, Working dog of year 2009 KCHLS, Winner of special dog show, 2x Winner of Prague, 2x CAJC, 8x CAC, 9x CACIB, 7x BOB, 3x CACA, 5x Anw. Dt. Ch. VDH

Work: 2x CACT, 3x res. CACT, KZV I. prize, KSZVP I. prize, KPZ I. prize, KSZVP II. prize, KPZ III. prize, WT - E good, OVVR I. prize 222 b.

Health: eyes CLEAR, HD A, ED A, full teeth, scissors bite, black dog (BBEE),height 60 cm



ICh, DualCh, MultiCh, DtCh VDH, Club champion of champions Compendio All The Best

Shows: Club champion of champions 2011, National winner, Club winner, 2x BOB, 3x CACIB, 5x Anw. Dt. Ch. VDH, 3x CAC, CACA, 2x CWC, 4x res. CAC, res. CACA

Work: Winner of exams, 3x CACT, 3x res. CACT, 5x PZ I.prize, LZ I. prize, LZ II. prize, MFTR II. prize, WT-E exelent ( winner of exams, volba rozhodčích), WT-L very good, OVVR I. prize 232 b. with game

Health: HD A, ED A, patela OK, full teeth, scissors bite, height 57,5 cm