NUCh, SU(u)Ch, NJV-11 Fab Four's Feel The Win

SHOWS: NUCH, SU(u)CH, NJV-11, Top FCR male in Norway for year 2013, 3xcert, BOB, 2.BIG, BIS, 3rd place in open class on Crufts 2013

WORK: 1BK jakt

HEALTH: HD A, patella 0/0, eyes + gonio clear, full teeth, scisor bite

CIE, CIB, MultiCh, DualCh Compendio All The Best

SHOWS: Dual champion 2011, Club champion of champions 2011, National winner, Club winner, Winner of special show, BIG 4, 3x BOB, BOS, 6x CACIB, r. CACIB, 5x Anw. Dt. Ch. VDH, 8x CAC, 3x CACA, 2x CWC, CAC ČMKU, 4x res. CAC, 2x res. CACA, V3 on WDS in Bratislava

WORK: Winner of exams, 4x CACT, 3x res. CACT, 6x KPZ I.cena, KLZ I. cena, KLZ II. cena, KLZ III. cena, MFTR II. cena, KSZVP II.cena, ZV I.cena, WT-E excellent (winner of exams, judges choice), 3x WT-L very good, OVVR I. cena 232 b. with game, canisterapeutic dog

HEALTH: HDA, ED 0/0, patela OK, full teeth, eyes CLEAR (2010, 2013), scissor bite, height 57,5 cm